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Digital 3D Data Creation

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Rebuilding the World in Exquisite Detail
At CITYFRAMES, we specialize in the art of recreating the physical world in mesmerizing 3D. Our expert team possesses a unique talent for capturing existing buildings, structures, and environments with unparalleled precision.
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Digital 3D Data Creation 3D City Model - CITYFRAMES
Digital 3D Data Creation Sale price€60.00


We have a team of highly skilled 3D data experts who are trained to rebuild structures in 3D. With their expertise, we can communicate more effectively and ensure precise results. With the experience in creating 3D cities and our specialized training, our team is dedicated to bring your designs to life as digital 3D model.

Seamless Integration of Digital and Physical

Experience the benefits of combining our 3D data creation service with the production of physical 3D models. By seamlessly integrating the digital to the physical world, we offer you a straight-forward solution for 3D models. Benefit from streamlined workflows and cost-effective prototyping.


Our 3D data creation services offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Whether it's for marketing, visualization, or design inspiration, our skilled experts will meticulously rebuild existing structures with precision and attention to detail. Benefit from their specialized expertise as we bring your vision to life in a 3D representation.