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North America Travel Guide - CITYFRAMES
City Guide

North America Travel Guide

SAN FRANCISCO Hop on a Cable Car and explore San Francisco!  An exciting mix of sightseeing, great architecture and culinary delights awaits you in the city by the bay. Although the city is in fact...

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Europe Travel Guide - CITYFRAMES
City Guide

Europe Travel Guide

ATHENS There are over 5,000 years of history in Athens, the largest city of Greece. Explore plaka area to make a tour through history. Located in the shadow of the Acropolis, it is known as the "ne...

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Hidden Gems - CITYFRAMES
City Guide

Hidden Gems

Everyone knows mega-cities like New York, Paris and London. So today we decided to focus on less known,but certainly not less beautiful cities - the hidden gems!   Siena, Italy Located in the hea...

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