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The world's greatest cities from a new perspective

Your favorite city in a frame

The World's greates cities from a new perspective

Distinctive Views

Experience cities like never before! Our Frame offers distinctive views that brings your favorite city to life right before your eyes. Now, you can explore every corner, every street, as if you were there.

Elegance in Simplicity

Discover the beauty of cities around the world through our minimalist frames, where handcrafted precision meets the essence of urban landscapes.

Unmatched Detail

We merge hand-crafted artistry with extra precise 3D data. Our in-house team, with its wide range of skills, handles everything from the initial data to the final assembly.

Reflecting the atmosphere of a city

In our 3D models, we bring cities to life by focusing on their most recognizable features: Iconic buildings, distinctive structures, flowing rivers, and detailed coastlines.
Our goal is clear: For anyone to look at a model and immediately know the city it represents, feeling connected to its unique vibe through these carefully chosen elements.

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Slideshow_Las_Vegas - CITYFRAMES
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The Craft Behind Each Frame

Creating 3D cities

Tech-Driven, Hand-Finished

Beginning with high-precision 3D prints, our models transform under skilled hands. Each plate is sanded to reduce gaps, using special techniques and tools for a seamless finish, ensuring every building and bridge is post-processed to perfection.

Creating is our passion

Our team's passion for the architecture and vibrant life of cities is the heartbeat of our work. Located within the landmarked Heyne Fabrik building in Germany, we're inspired daily to craft and create 3D models of the world's greatest cities.

The Material That Our Cities are made of

Developed for us

Designed to Impress

Our 3D Cities are crafted from a eco-friendly material, designed exclusively for CITYFRAMES. With a texture inspired by plaster, this matte, slightly rough material underscores our promise to sustainable practices.

Unlike traditional plastics that can remain in the environment for centuries, this material is labeled 'biodegradable' because it’s engineered to break down and return to nature under specific conditions. This allows it to decompose back into natural elements in certain environments, minimizing waste and fostering a healthier planet.

Not Just Any White

A Carefully Curated Tone

Architects and designers know the power of the perfect white—it should not be too warm or too cold, balancing neutrality with a sense of harmony.

This is why we've dedicated considerable time to perfecting our "white". The result is a carefully chosen white that enhances our models' details and textures, offering a true-to-life representation that appeals to professionals for its precision and to enthusiasts for its beauty.

The Art of Shadows

Light's Play on the Frames

Light brings our models to life and uncovers a spectacular play of shadows.

In the morning light, long shadows stretch across the model. As the sun climbs higher, the noon light bathes everything in clarity, illuminating the finest details that were once in shadow.

It's a living display of how light shapes our understanding of space and design, inviting you to uncover new, hidden angles of your favorite city all year long.

Simple Wall Mounting

Every Frame is equipped with a user-friendly wall mounting bracket, ensuring a hassle-free setup. The Frame Wide can be displayed either horizontally or vertically, depending on your personal preference and the layout of your space.

Size Options

Our standard Frame offers a compact elegance, while selected cities are also available in Frame Wide or Frame L for a extended perspective. To find the perfect fit for your space, detailed dimensions for each model size are available on our product pages.

Securely Packaged for Global Delivery

Ensuring your Frame arrives in perfect condition is our priority. Each frame is packaged using thick cardboard boxes complemented by a mix of protective foam, styrofoam, and protective plates. This robust packaging guarantees safe delivery, whether shipped locally or internationally.

Precise & Detailed 3D Data


CITYSCULPT is our unique method for creating highly detailed 3D models. It combines the latest technology with expert manual processing. Thanks to years of experience and dedication, we've perfected this process to bring you one-of-a-kind 3D cities.



DSC1756-2_Kopie - CITYFRAMES

Your favorite city in a frame

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85 x 55 x 50 cm
33.5 x 21.6 x 19.7 inches
(L x W x H)
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7 x 7 inches

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49 x 49 cm
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Frame Wide

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19.3 x 31.1 inches

Frame L

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