Individual 3d Model creation


We recreate anything in 3D - really anything!

With hundreds of hours of experience, our 3D data specialists are skilled at digitally recreating any project, building or structure and optimizing it for 3D printing. 

The 3D data creation and refinement service is charged with 90€ / hour. Please refer to the details below for a quotation of your custom project.

How does it work?

1. Your Inquiry

Please send us a message with the requirements for your custom model.
Make sure to include any building plans, images, renderings, videos or other material that helps us to create a digital model for your project.
The more details we receive, the faster we can work, which will eventually save you money.

2. Our offer

Our team will review your inquiry and send you an offer. This will include the 3D data work (in hours) and the 3D model itself.
If the offer pleases you, you can place the order directly through our online store.

3. Data creation

After placing the order, your project will be handed over to the design team.
If any questions arise, we will get in touch with you to clarify any details.
Before the 3D model goes into production, you get a high-resolution preview of the digital 3D data from different angles for a final check.

4. Production & Shipping

The model will be produced and shipped to you in a safe packaging.

Contact us for a quotation

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