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Article: Measurement Guide For (mini)CUBE Bundles

Measurement Guide For (mini)CUBE Bundles - CITYFRAMES

Measurement Guide For (mini)CUBE Bundles

We understand that the beauty of your space is in the details. That's why we've created this comprehensive measurement guide to help you effortlessly incorporate our Minicube and Cube Bundles into your environment.

This guide will provide you with all the necessary measurements and step-by-step instructions to ensure a harmonious and clean display.

Spacing Options For MiniCube

Spacing Options For Cube



 We want to ensure that your frames are securely and beautifully mounted on your walls.  Follow these suggestions for a  successful installation:


Caution: Please note that this guide provides measurements for miniCubes and Cubes. Make sure you are using the right measurements for your product. 

Before your start:

Use nails for smaller frames and screws with dowels for larger frames.

Choose a suitable wall surface and mark the desired position with a pencil. Use this mounting guide to find and mark measurements between different frames.

Install nails and/or Screws into your wall.

Use a spirit level to ensure the marked points are horizontally aligned. 

Align the frame‘s mounting bracket with the installed hardware and lower it into place. verify the frame‘s stability and adjust if needed.


Get precise dimensions of both the Minicube and Cube, ensuring a perfect fit for your chosen space.



A 15 cm / 5.91 inches

B 20 cm / 7.87 inches

C 25 cm / 9.84 inches


D 20,5 cm / 8.07 inches

E 25,5 cm / 10.04 inches

F 30,5 cm / 12.01 inches