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City/Size Available on request

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A size „Available on request“ is basically a „Custom City“ (, but you don’t pay for any 3D data work. 

In many cases, additional sizes of cities that we would generally like to include in our collection are „Available on request“. Since we have so many new cities and sizes planned, it can sometimes take up to a year for these sizes to be added. 

With a size „Available on request“ we offer to prioritize these new sizes. After placing your order, our 3D data experts will create selected size, which will later also be available in our collection. The additional charges of a „Custom City“ for the 3D data work are not applicable. 

Please note that it is not possible to set custom areas for the model, as the area of the new size is being set by our designers.

How to order a size „Available on request“?

  • Add the desired size to the shopping cart
  • Please indicate in the order notes which city you would like to receive
  • After the 3D data creation is complete, you will receive a preview of the city before it is produced
City/Size Available on request 3D City Model - CITYFRAMES
City/Size Available on request Sale price€249.00