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BLOK + Available City
This is our recommended option. Choose your favorite 3D model from our existing collection of cities around the world.
(Please make sure that the city is available in your size)

BLOK + Custom City
Select this option if you are looking for a city or place that we don't have available in our existing collection. After placing your order, one of our designers will get in touch with you to start the development of your custom city.

BLOK without City
Choose this option, if you already own a CityFrame and don't need a City Model with BLOK.

Abu Dhabi
Dubai Burj Khalifa
Dubai Marina
Frankfurt am Main
Hong Kong
Las Vegas
London City
London Palace
London Eye
New York Midtown
New York Park
New York WTC
New York Hudson Yards
Riyadh KAFD
Riyadh Kingdom Tower
Washington DC

Our materials are sourced from local and regional suppliers.

A continuous, uninterrupted steel frame forms the basis for BLOK. The steel powder-coated with a matte, slightly rough texture.

The frame is hand-crafted from FSC® certified raw oak. To preserve the natural texture of oak, the wood is oiled. 

BLOK table is covered with a free-floating glass top. The glass originates from a local glass workshop and is particularly resistant. It is certified as ESG safety glass.

Each BLOK table is crafted individually. Usually it's ready to ship within 8-12 weeks.

Furniture and bulky products will be delivered by our freight forwarding company, for this a logistic surcharge will be charged. BLOK will be delivered on a disposable pallet to ensure a safe transport.

Transit time
Germany: 2 days
Europe: 3-7 days
World: 5-8 days

Shipping cost
Germany: 49€ (Truck freight)
Europe: 99€ (Truck freight)
World: 199€ (Air freight)

CITYFRAMES is based in Germany. International shipments outside the EU may be subject to import taxes and duties. These charges are payable by the customer.

BLOK is an eye-catcher. BLOK represents state-of-the-art furniture design, paired with impressive 3D Models from all around the world. No other table brings back more memories - a true conversation starter for your home. BLOK is more than just a coffee table.

BLOK is handmade. We work closely with our carpenters to select the finest wood. We build every wooden frame individually. We digitally recreate our 3D cities building by building. Almost every process is done by hand to ensure that each BLOK is one-of-a-kind.

BLOK is local. Each element of BLOK is sourced locally from carefully chosen suppliers in Germany and the EU. The final assembly takes place in-house at CITYFRAMES. Our objective has always been a local and sustainable supply chain with the goal of creating a long-lasting product.

BLOK. The perfect balance between art and comfort. A simple design in which you can immerse yourself for hours.
One question remains: Which city will you pick?
We ship worldwide.
BLOK will be delivered fully assembled on a disposable pallet with a freight forwarding company. The delivery date can be scheduled prior to the delivery. If you ordered BLOK with a City, the delivery will include the BLOK table and the CityFrame.
Yes it does. Please make sure that the sizes of BLOK and CityFrame match.
The CityFrame is kept in place with 4 mounting clamps. Loosen all 4 clamps and slowly lower the CityFrame until you can take it out. Insert the new CityFrame in the same way and tighten all 4 mounting clamps to keep the City in place.
For all cities outside our regular collection, you can order a „Custom City“. After placing your order, a designer will get in touch with you to start working on your custom city.