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Show your passion for travel and choose from more than 50 different cities. From Los Angeles to Hong Kong, so many are represented.

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Enhance your living and working spaces with 3D city models from all over the world made by CITYFRAMES.

Travel the world’s greatest cities with our mini 3D maps
Cities are incredible places to build memories, often the best ones…
In fact, you can choose from over 50 different cities. From San Francisco over Paris and Dubai to Melbourne, so many are represented.
Details as far as you can see
We combine our unique handcrafted 3D datasets with the latest developments in 3D materials and production capabilities to create a one-of-a-kind product.

Immerse yourself in your favorite city and discover well-known places from a whole new perspective.
Local & Handmade
We obtain our raw materials from sustainable sources using local manufacturers in Germany and Europe.

Our models are made of a biodegradable plastic based on natural corn starch. The material has a matte, slightly rough finish resulting in a plaster-like surface. The frame is made from solid, black painted wood.