CITYFRAMES Exclusive Edition

Unique design for your wall

A model, exactly the way you want it.

Each of these models is completely custom made. The material, the detail, the scale, the surface is freely selectable. In close consultation, our team develops a model that is perfectly tailored to your wishes and premises.

The incredible size of the CITYFRAMES Exclusive Edition allows the figure of several neighborhoods or entire cities.   Modern production methods accomplish a detailed and highly detailed illustration, in which each house, each floor and, depending on the scale, each individual dormer window becomes visible.    With sufficient distance, structures that extend over the entire city become visible.

Available cities

Basel, Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg Blankenese, Hong Kong, Manhattan New York, Zürich


64 Platten

1,25 x 1,25 m

49.0 x 49.0 inches


80 Platten

1,25 x 1,25 m

61.0 x 49.2 inches

Frankfurt am Main

40 Platten

1,25 x 0,80 m

49.2 x 31.5 inches

Hamburg, Blankenese

42 Platten

1,40 x 0,95 m

55.1 x 37.4 inches

Hong Kong

bald verfügbar (November 2019)

Manhattan, New York

82 Platten

2,40 x 0,95 m

94.5 x 37.4 inches


80 Platten

1,25 x 1,25 m

61.0 x 49.2 inches

Can't find your city?

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