Our 3D Data

CITYFRAMES 3D Data is super rich in details and extremely accurate.
We process every city module by hand to ensure high-end quality.

Selection of areas

Our models are designed to represent not only landmarks, but also the atmosphere and the feeling of a city. We achieve this by carefully selecting the areas of our cities in cooperation with locals from each city.

Data creation

We combine latest satellite imagery with laser scans from space and real feedback from people living in the cities. This makes our 3D data truly unique.

Processing by hand

In the last step we finalize the areas based on the actual high quality. Additionally we hand-process all our 3D data to ensure the best possible quality with the highest level of detail.


3D Model
  • 100%  biodegradable plastic based on natural corn starch
  • UV resistant & easy to clean
  • Matte, plaster-like surface finish
Black plate
  • Base plate, visible water cutouts
  • Solid black painted wood
  • wood texture
  • Wall mounting bracket included