Custom cities

Custom cities

Custom models from cities worldwide

We process all our 3D data by hand to ensure the best possible quality. From time to time we make custom models of cities that are not regularly available on our website.

Frequent questions

Can you make every city?

Yes, we are able to make models of every city worldwide.

Which sizes do you offer?

We offer custom models in the following sizes:

  • CityFrame M
  • CityFrame L (square and long)
  • CityWall for bigger projects with completely adjustable dimensions up to 3m in length.

More about our sizes: CityFrame Sizes

A custom model for a CityCube or CityFrame S is not possible.

What does a custom model cost?

Creating a custom model requires multiple additional steps compared to a model from our shop. This includes for example data purchase or in-house creation and data processing by hand. Fine structures or unusual buildings need to be test printed and optimized to ensure a high surface quality.

For this reason we need to add a 30% customization fee.

Send us a custom city request

If you are interested in a custom city, please send us an email. To make this as efficient as possible, please try to include the following details:
– City name
– Size
– Area
(Ideally you can send us a screenshot from Google Maps outline the rough area that you would like to include)