Covid-19 Shipping restrictions

Updated: May 28th 2020

So far the Covid-19 pandemic has had no impact on our production, but unfortunately on worldwide shipping. Different carriers had to announce shipping restrictions to some countries. 

In the following you find a list of the current shipping status sorted country by country: 

UPS EXPRESS SHIPPING IS NOT AFFECTED! The following list refers to standard shipping.

Austria: No impact. We will ship as planned.

Australia: DHL temporarily stopped accepting parcels to this country, more informations below.

Brasil: DHL temporarily stopped accepting big parcels to this country, more informations below. Shipping of Size XS and Size S is possible, larger sizes can not be shipped at the moment.

Canada: Shipments to Canada are possible again, but delays are expected, because DHL ships the parcels via sea freight instead of air freight.

Germany: No impact. We will ship as planned. Although we will use UPS and DPD.

France: No impact. We will ship as planned.

Hong Kong: No impact. We will ship as planned.

Israel: No impact. We will ship as planned.

Italy: No impact. We will ship as planned.

Netherlands: No impact. We will ship as planned.

Philippines: DHL temporarily stopped accepting parcels to this country, more informations below.

Sweden: No impact. We will ship as planned.

Singapore: Shipments of every models size are possible again.

Switzerland: No impact. We will ship as planned.

US: DHL still accepts parcels to the US in general, but they discontinue to ship small parcels. On top, they charge an additional “crisis-fee” per parcel. As an example for a Size XS CITY FRAME, this results currently in a new price of at least 52,99€ for a parcel going to the US, compared to originally 12,99€. After the consideration of every possible option and a lot of phone calls with DHL and other shipping companies, I am extremely sad to inform you that we are currently unable to ship packages to the US. DHL ensured me that these current surcharges are very temporarily and that they will be removed as quickly as possible. 

UK: No impact. We will ship as planned.



How to continue?

First of all, I am very very sorry and I apologize to everyone whose shipment is affected by these restrictions! We did everything we could to deliver on time, but the current situation was just not foreseeable. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience. 

But right now, we try to find solutions. DHL told me several times, that the shipping restrictions and surcharges are very temporarily. The situation gets evaluated from day to day to get back to normal as quick as possible. Here is a link to the official status page of DHL. As soon as the little circle next to your country turns from orange or red to green we are able to ship. All orders will stay here and be ready for this moment. DHL live status (Scroll down to “International Mail and Parcel Services”)


International and oversea shipping can be very costly. Therefore many of our parcels and packagings are custom made to fit exactly the dimensions of DHL’s products. This makes it quite difficult to find alternatives that are comparable or at least on the same level in terms of cost. While we monitor the current situation and hope that the restrictions are removed very soon, we are also looking for alternative shipping channels. 

For those who can’t wait any longer to get their CITY FRAME, we will try to offer custom shipping solutions. Most express services are still in operation worldwide, but their use is understandably associated with significant additional costs. Please leave us a message if you are interested. 

The production goes on…

There is one last point, which is very important to me. Although some orders can not be picked up at the moment, this will have no impact on the production schedule. In other words, if you live in a country with a shipping restriction, we will still produce your model and won’t prioritize a model from a country without restrictions. That being said, as soon as the little light from DHL turns green again, your order will be immediately dispatched. Let’s hope that this will happen very soon!