Famous Buildings

Empire State Building, Burj Khalifa, Eiffel Tower? You have probably already heard of these buildings before.

Paris, France

Eiffel Tower

Did you know that the so called Iron Lady grows in summer and shrinks in winter? Due to heat absorption in summer, the tower can grow about 17 centimeters and in winter, when thermal contraction happens, it shrinks about six inches. 

Florence, Italy

Cathedral of Florence

Did you know that the cupola is the largest brick dome ever built? The dome atop Florence Cathedral stretches almost 10 storeys into the air and weighs over 40,000 tons. And this was more than 700 years ago...

Athens, Greece


In Mycenaean times, the Acropolis was the seat of kings and a protective and constraining castle of the city. It was inhabited presumably already 7500 years ago. 

New York, United States

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is considered to be an American cultural icon and being one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Fun Fact: Couples should be careful kissing on the top of the Empire State Building. Why? Because the static electricity is so strong up there, that people on the observatory floor can see sparks when they smooch.

Gizeh, Egypt

pyramids of gizeh

Did you know that there are many theories about how the pyramids of Giza were built? How it really was will probably remain a secret forever. But this is one of many facts that probably makes them even more fascinating. 

Tokyo Cube Trio Trio Asia, Trio - CITYFRAMES

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower

Guess which tower was the inspiration for the Tokyo Tower? Correct, It is the Eiffel Tower. With almost 333 meters the Tokyo Tower is the tallest man-made structure in Japan. 

United Arab Emirates

Burj Khalifa

With 828 m and 160 floors the Burj Khalifa not only holds the record of the tallest building in the world but also the highest number of floors. And the list goes on: The Burj Khalifa also hosts the world’s highest restaurant followed by many record-breaking feats, such as the highest climb of a building. 

Italy, Rome


The construction of the Colosseum took eight years and was financed with plunder taken from Jerusalem.

The main purpose of it was to entertain people, that’s why it could accommodate up to 65,000 spectators. Not rarely the gladiator battles also involved wild animals such as tigers and elephants.

Athens Cube Cube, Europe - CITYFRAMES


Greece 🇬🇷

Cairo / Gizeh Cube Africa, Cube, Middle East - CITYFRAMES

Cairo / Gizeh

Egypt 🇪🇬

Dubai Cube Cube, Middle East - CITYFRAMES


United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪

Florence Cube Cube, Europe - CITYFRAMES


Italy 🇮🇹

Monaco Cube Cube, Europe - CITYFRAMES


Monaco 🇲🇨

New York Cube America, Cube - CITYFRAMES

New York

United States 🇺🇸

Paris Cube Cube, Europe - CITYFRAMES


France 🇫🇷

Rome Cube Cube, Europe - CITYFRAMES


Italy 🇮🇹

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